MicroBlaze Configuration for an RTOS Part 2 – Configuration Parameters

This is part 2 (Click here for part 1) of a series of articles discussing the configuration of the Xilinx MicroBlaze when targeting an RTOS application. This series focuses on the software aspects of the MicroBlaze configuration and the impact of the various MicroBlaze configurations on an embedded application running under an RTOS. This article … Read more

MicroBlaze Configuration for an RTOS Part 1 – Memory Hierarchy

This is part 1 of a series of articles discussing the configuration of the Xilinx MicroBlaze when targeting an RTOS application. This series will focus on the software aspect of the MicroBlaze configuration. However, before tackling the numerous configuration options available to the MicroBlaze, it is necessary to introduce the various memory hierarchies possible with … Read more

BASEplatform Support for Express Logic’s X-WARE IoT PLATFORM

We announced a few weeks ago support for the Express Logic ThreadX RTOS as well as the X-WARE IoT PLATFORM™ within our very own BASEplatform™. This article goes over some of the advantages of using JBLopen’s BASEplatform Board Support Packages (BSPs) and drivers along with Express Logic’s solution. What Is the BASEplatform The BASEplatform is … Read more

Estimating Worst Case Interrupt Latency at Runtime

In two previous articles we’ve explored interrupt latency on the ARM Cortex-A. While the numbers in those articles were generated using synthetic benchmarks, real application results are usually more useful. This article shows a simple way of estimating worst case interrupt latency at runtime which can be implemented on most MCUs and RTOSes or even … Read more

BASEplatform in Depth: The Modules

Two weeks ago, we launched our first embedded software product, BASEplatform. This article is the first of a series where we go into more details about the features and advantages of the BASEplatform. BASEplatform is designed to bring application developers all the necessary low-level components such as startup code, drivers, BSP, RTOS integration as well … Read more

Introducing BASEplatform

We are proud to announce that we are jumping in the embedded software component market with the introduction of BASEplatform™. Tackling the fundamentals, BASEplatform is a collection of low-level interface modules, drivers, and board support packages. Designed from the ground up to provide the foundation of a successful embedded software design. Whether for a bare-metal project … Read more

Zynq-7000 connectivity using the uC/OS BSP

In two previous articles, I have looked at using Micrium’s uC/OS RTOS on the Xilinx Zynq-7000. I only covered kernel and storage. This time, I will be exploring some connectivity options in combination with the Digilent Zybo. Namely, using Micrium’s USB device solution and HTTP server through the Zybo’s Ethernet port. This is also a perfect opportunity to try the new and improved release of Vivado 2017.1.

The plan is to use the Zybo on-board SD Card to hold the html files for the HTTP server. To make it more interesting, instead of just copying the files using a PC, I’ll turn the Zybo into a USB mass storage device to access the SD Card.

Digilent ZYBO
Digilent ZYBO

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