Cross-Platform SDK

Complete Platform Support Solution

The BASEplatform is a cross-platform Software Development Kit (SDK) offering all the low-level modules, drivers and BSP (Board Support Packages) necessary for a successful embedded software application. Whether for a bare-metal project or with your choice of free or commercial RTOS, BASEplatform can help smoothly integrate multiple RTOS components from various sources on any MCU or SoC.

Any MCU, SoC or RTOS

The BASEplatform can be used with practically any MCU or SoC regardless of the architecture or manufacturer. From low power MCU to powerful application processors, the BASEplatform can take advantage of the features and characteristics of the chosen platform. The BASEplatform can also be integrated with most RTOS or can be used in a bare-metal design as well.

Your Choice of IDE and Toolchain

Since it is not tied to a specific manufacturer or a specific RTOS the BASEplatform focuses on portability above all. Every delivery of the BASEplatform includes all the necessary ports for the customer’s choice of toolchain. Moreover, every delivery contains all the necessary documents as well as a development and demonstration project for the chosen IDE.

Modular and Adaptable

Due to its modular design, the BASEplatform can be used in various configurations. One application may need to use only a handful of modules and drivers to supplement an existing codebase such as a manufacturer’s SDK, while another application may want to rely on the BASEplatform for a complete standalone platform support solution.

SMP, UMP and AMP Support

The BASEplatform supports natively uniprocessor and multiprocessor systems. An application can even be written to be seamlessly portable between a single-core and multi-core processor. It can also be delivered ready for an AMP configuration according to the customer’s specifications.

Why Use the BASEplatform

Often disregarded due to their apparent simplicity, low level peripheral drivers can often be a source of problems early during the bring-up phase. Incorrectly tackling those early issues will often translate in hard to find bugs and unforeseen limitations in later stages of an application development.

The BASEplatform offers a modular and robust set of peripheral drivers supported on many different architectures, toolchains and RTOSes. Those features grant the application developer the freedom of choosing their preferred combination of hardware, software and development environment without compromise due to incomplete software integration.

Modules and Features

The BASEplatform can support all the components of a design including external board components. Its portable and intuitive yet powerful API will help you develop faster spending less time on low-level aspects of an application.

API Features

  • ISO/IEC 9899:1999 compliant C code.
  • Choice of blocking, non-blocking and asynchronous API.
  • Consistent and robust error handling.
  • Optional timeout on any blocking calls.
  • Low jitter sub-millisecond delays and timers.
  • Thread-safe API and optional low resource/high performance non-thread-safe API.

Modules and Peripherals

  • Low level CPU & RTOS startup code.
  • Interrupt management.
  • System tick, hardware timers and watchdogs
  • Low speed I/Os, UART, I2C, SPI & GPIO.
  • High speed IOs, Ethernet, QSPI, MIPI, PCIe and more.
  • SoC level peripherals, clock & reset.
  • Media storage drivers, QSPI, SDIO/SD Card, eMMC, SATA etc.
  • External board components, i.e. Ethernet PHY, NOR flash, sensors, cameras, and more.

Everything Needed to Get You Going

The BASEplatform is delivered with everything needed to get going quickly on a new platform. We will take care of developing and testing all the drivers and BSP required as well as integrating your choice of RTOS and third-party software. To help with ramp up and testing each delivery includes a development and demonstration project for your choice of IDE and toolchain. Delivery packages of the BASEplatform include:

  • Full source code
  • Demonstration and development project
  • Documentation
  • Peripheral driver
  • Storage media driver
  • Platform and RTOS integration
  • Getting started guide
  • Test report
  • Hardware errata summary report

On Any RTOS and MCU

The BASEplatform is not tied to any RTOS or platform and can be deployed practically anywhere on most MCU and SoC. You only need to choose your MCU and RTOS and we take care of the porting and integration.

Modular Design

Due to its modular design, the BASEplatform can offer as many modules and features required by the application without weighting down the entire SDK. Modules are also able to rely on each other for additional functionalities. For example, an external component driver can be built to work with the I2C or SPI module while a simple I/O expander driver can be built over the GPIO module. Finally, some modules are naturally stacked such as the media module being able to provide a unified interface to storage media while other underlying modules take care of NOR, NAND or SD Card/eMMC interfacing.

Example of BASEplatform modules


Software is only as good as its documentation. That is why the BASEplatform is delivered with complete documentation of unparalleled quality. Check out the user manual or API reference manual in our documentation section.

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