Consulting Services

JBLopen offers consulting services in the field of embedded software. We specialize in supporting high-end RTOS or bare-metal applications requiring high-performance processors and SoCs or deeply embedded MCUs with aggressive size and power constraints. Our development and design services are available across a wide range of platforms and RTOS both commercial and open source. We also have considerable in-house experience with AMP and SMP designs.

RTOS Porting and Integration

We offer porting services for most RTOS on the market whether commercial or open-source on practically any existing any CPU, MCU or SoC. In addition to kernel porting we can offer perform porting and integration of third-party software and libraries, open source libraries or manufacturer toolkit within your choice of RTOS and development environment.

Drivers and Board Support Packages (BSP)

Whether it’s for a single driver or for a complete platform support from scratch, we provide quality drivers and BSP tailored to an application’s specific requirements. Software can be written from the ground up or adapted from our existing drivers from our BASEplatform product. Board support can include manufacturer reference design, standard SoM and SBCs or your custom board at any stage of the hardware development. We will also happily help with the software challenges of early board bring up.

Every driver or BSP is delivered with the following:

  • Full source code
  • Documentation
  • Test report and test descriptions
  • Hardware errata summary report

Examples of drivers include:

  • Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB Device/Host…
  • Low-speed I/Os: UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, CAN…
  • Storage: NOR, NAND QSPI, SD/eMMX, SATA…
  • External Peripherals: Ethernet and USB PHYs, Camera, PCI Express, Sensors and more…

Custom SDK

For MCU, SoC and module manufacturers, we can design, write and support a custom SDK for a single or range of platforms. These custom SDKs are written entirely from scratch and can support more than one RTOS and even a bare-metal environment across multiple toolchains. We can also integrate third-party libraries as needed.

Advantages of using our services for your next product’s SDK:

  • Support for multiple RTOS and toolchains
  • Thread-safe and re-entrant API with bare-metal, single core and SMP configurations
  • No restriction on the selected licence
  • Full copyright and ownership assignment
  • Your choice of coding standard
  • Test suite delivered along with the SDK
  • Full documentation
  • Ongoing maintenance and development

Firmware Migration

Migrating an existing firmware requires extensive knowledge of both the original and the new platforms. The same thing applies when changing software vendors. External consultants such as ourselves works with countless different manufacturers and vendors at the same time, making us a perfect choice to reduce the risks of performing a software migration or to port an existing firmware to the latest hardware technology.

Legacy Platforms and Software Maintenance

With our team’s considerable experience in RTOS and RTOS component development, we can offer maintenance and support for legacy RTOS, libraries and platforms. This can include bug fixing, integration, optimization as well as feature additions.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your next project.