NOR vs NAND: So You Think You Know the Music?

Those of you who have spent even the slightest amount of time digging around for insights on embedded storage technologies know this: the subspace of the Internet devoted to this particular topic is flooded with short articles comparing NOR and NAND flash technologies. Some are very well-written and genuinely enlightening. But all too often, the … Read more

Taming the Flash Beast

This article is the first of an introduction series about flash memory. A high-level introduction shall we say. Not the kind that takes you straight to the electron and drags you through the depths of quantum physics. No. The purpose of this series is to provide useful information from an operational perspective. Things that you … Read more

Firmware Update Implementation Using TSFS Snapshots

In the previous article of this series on TSFS snapshots, we have shown how snapshots can be used to design a simple yet robust firmware upgrade procedure. This time, we go from design to implementation, delving into the specifics of the TSFS snapshot management interface. More specifically, we show how we can meet our initial … Read more

Firmware Upgrade Design Using TSFS Snapshots

This article is the first part of a twofold series on one of the most unique TSFS feature: snapshotting. In this first article, we show how snapshots can ease application development, providing the application designer with an elegant way of handling concurrent read/write accesses. We also introduce a simple firmware update example, to help us … Read more

Fail-Safe Design with the TREEspan File System Part 3: Enforcing Coherence Through Transactions

In the previous article of this threefold series on fail-safe design, we have seen how TSFS transactions can be used to build fail-safe applications by protecting individual files against data and metadata corruption. In this third article, we now show that TSFS transactions go beyond preserving file-level integrity, and can also be used to enforce … Read more

Fail-Safe Design with the TREEspan File System Part 2: TSFS Transactions

In the first article of this three-part series on fail-safe design, we have spent some time discussing how unexpected failures can threaten the integrity of an application by corrupting both the application data and file system metadata. This time, we see how an application can be designed to withstand such unforeseen events, using TSFS transactions. … Read more

Fail-Safe Design with the TREEspan File System Part 1: Introduction

This is the first article of a three-part series on fail-safe, storage-related application design. The first part of the series lays out the fundamental problem of unexpected failures and briefly discusses partial solutions. The second part introduces the TREEspan File System(TSFS) transactions as a means to protect the application against such potentially disruptive events. Finally, … Read more

Introducing TREEspan File System

Last week was one of pride and excitement for the JBLopen’s development team as we released our latest product, the TREEspan File System (TSFS). After the official announcement and presentation, we feel the need to introduce the newcomer in a more personal way, such as we see it from the inside. Above all, we would … Read more