From Express Logic ThreadX to Microsoft Azure RTOS

Over a year ago, Microsoft acquired Express Logic and their flagship product the ThreadX Real Time Operating System (RTOS). Along with ThreadX was the X-Ware suite of communication, connectivity and storage IPs. Microsoft has since created Azure RTOS around ThreadX and X-Ware, with an obvious focus on connectivity and IoT. Looking back, the acquisition of … Read more

QSPI NOR Flash Part 2 – Memory Organization

In the previous article of this series, we looked at the hardware characteristics of QSPI NOR Flash devices such as the package, temperature grade and other such physical considerations. In this article we’ll leave the package attributes behind to focus on the internal features of QSPI devices, starting with the memory organization. This article will … Read more

QSPI NOR Flash Part 1—Hardware Characteristics

This article series aims to be an introduction to QSPI NOR Flash devices from the point of view of their features and characteristics. This series isn’t meant to be an introduction to NOR flash technology or even to the QSPI protocol itself. It is more about what differentiates one QSPI NOR flash from another. And … Read more

NOR vs NAND: So You Think You Know the Music?

Those of you who have spent even the slightest amount of time digging around for insights on embedded storage technologies know this: the subspace of the Internet devoted to this particular topic is flooded with short articles comparing NOR and NAND flash technologies. Some are very well-written and genuinely enlightening. But all too often, the … Read more

Taming the Flash Beast

This article is the first of an introduction series about flash memory. A high-level introduction shall we say. Not the kind that takes you straight to the electron and drags you through the depths of quantum physics. No. The purpose of this series is to provide useful information from an operational perspective. Things that you … Read more