BASEplatform Support for Express Logic’s X-WARE IoT PLATFORM

We announced a few weeks ago support for the Express Logic ThreadX RTOS as well as the X-WARE IoT PLATFORM™ within our very own BASEplatform™. This article goes over some of the advantages of using JBLopen’s BASEplatform Board Support Packages (BSPs) and drivers along with Express Logic’s solution.

What Is the BASEplatform

The BASEplatform is a collection of embedded software components designed to provide application developers with all the necessary software modules, BSP, drivers as well as RTOS and toolchain integration needed to jump start their embedded software project on their selected platform. In the case of Express Logic’s ThreadX, the BASEplatform can support both the uniprocessor and SMP versions of ThreadX across a variety of SoCs and toolchains. Platform support can range from small low power MCUs to high performance SoCs.

Examples of BASEplatform modules.
BASEplatform modules

The BASEplatform modular design offers unprecedented flexibility in the selection of hardware and software components for an embedded application project. Aside from the standard sets of peripherals such as UART and GPIO, custom modules and drivers can be developed to fit all of an application needs, including external components such as cameras and sensors.


Centred around the ThreadX RTOS, X-WARE is an industrial grade suite providing a file system, graphical user interface, networking, and connectivity software for deeply embedded applications. It is pre-certified for a large variety of safety and security certifications, making it ideal for critical industrial applications. To support connected applications, the NETX and NETX DUO networking stacks supports a wide selection of protocols with optional TLS for secure communication.

All of the X-WARE components can be integrated with the BASEplatform BSPs and drivers, including:

  • FILEX FAT and exFAT compatible file system
  • LEVELX flash translation layer for NOR and NAND flash
  • GUIX industrial HMI
  • NETX & NETX DUO TCP/IP networking stacks
  • USBX USB stack including Host, Device and OTG support

What are the Advantages of the BASEplatform

When coupled with a commercial RTOS like ThreadX, the BASEplatform drivers and BSPs offer a few distinct advantages.

  • Short delivery time due to pre-designed interfaces and cross platform test suites.
  • Thread-safe as well as SMP compatible drivers for multiple peripherals.
  • Toolchain and debugger setup files as well as an example development project included.
  • Full API documentation provided for all the BASEplatform modules and drivers.
  • External peripheral support, such as cameras, sensors, etc.
  • Power management and platform configuration drivers.
  • Support for custom boards as well as reference designs.

We also provide our usual consulting services for projects that require custom drivers and application development.

To learn more our THREADX and X-WARE please visit the Express Logic website.

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