MicroBlaze Support Added to the BASEplatform

JBLopen’s embedded platform support solution, BASEplatform™ has improved its support for the Xilinx ecosystem with the addition of the MicroBlaze soft processor to its list of supported core.

BASEplatform, an embedded software component designed to provide application developers with all the necessary software modules, BSP, drivers and RTOS integration needed to jump start their embedded software project is now available for the Xilinx MicroBlaze™. BASEplatform offers support for multiple RTOSes on both the MicroBlaze the Zynq-7000 ARM cores using a portable API. In addition to RTOS drivers and integration, BASEplatform can include support for external board components such as cameras, sensors and more. All with the developer’s choice of RTOS, IDE and toolchain.

The versatile MicroBlaze is a 32-bit RISC core that can be used standalone across all the Xilinx FPGA portfolio or as a companion core to the Zynq-7000® and Zynq UltraScale MPSoC. The MicroBlaze is highly configurable to balance clock speed versus performance and logic usage along with support for lockstep and triple modular redundancy for safety-critical applications. BASEplatform can supply drivers, BSPs and RTOS integration for the large catalogue of soft peripherals available to the MicroBlaze within the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite.

To learn more about the BASEplatform: www.jblopen.com/baseplatform/

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