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Reliable Storage at The Edge
Fail-safe embedded flash file system
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Complete Platform Support Solution
Cross platform SDK for MCU and SoC
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Embedded Software Products and Services

JBLopen specializes in embedded RTOS and bare-metal applications requiring high-end processors and SoCs as well as deeply embedded MCUs with aggressive resource and power constraints. Our research and development team provides the embedded market with cutting-edge software products. Meanwhile our consulting team can help you get your next project to market faster with improved features and performance using the latest embedded technologies.

Embedded File System

TREEspan File System™ is a low footprint transactional file system for deeply embedded RTOS and bare-metal applications.

Cross-Platform SDK

The BASEplatform™ is a portable platform support solution offering a complete set of drivers, BSP and RTOS integration for any MCU.

Consulting Services

Embedded software development services, RTOS drivers & BSP, porting and integration. Firmware migration and custom SDK.

Introduction to On-Chip RAM

On chip ram, often abbreviated OCRAM has been around since the earliest System on Chips(SoCs). In the beginning, on chip memory was relatively small and was primarily used by bootloaders and as simple scratch memory. On chip RAM has since

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Toradex Colibri iMX7 in evaluation board

BASEplatform Bring-Up on the Toradex Colibri iMX7

This article will go over some aspects of the early bring-up experience using the BASEplatform™ on the Toradex Colibri iMX7 System on Module (SoM). It will also cover features and advantages of the Colibri SoM for embedded developers interested in

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Interrupt Latency

Estimating Worst Case Interrupt Latency at Runtime

In two previous articles we’ve explored interrupt latency on the ARM Cortex-A. While the numbers in those articles were generated using synthetic benchmarks, real application results are usually more useful. This article shows a simple way of estimating worst case

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BASEplatform in Depth: The I/O API

In the last article about our recently launched BASEplatform product, we gave an overview of the various modules that can be part of the BASEplatform. In this article we go in a little more detail about an important aspect of

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BASEplatform in Depth: The Modules

Two weeks ago, we launched our first embedded software product, BASEplatform. This article is the first of a series where we go into more details about the features and advantages of the BASEplatform. BASEplatform is designed to bring application developers

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Introducing BASEplatform

We are proud to announce that we are jumping in the embedded software component market with the introduction of BASEplatform™. Tackling the fundamentals, BASEplatform is a collection of low-level interface modules, drivers, and board support packages. Designed from the ground up

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Zynq-7000 connectivity using the uC/OS BSP

In two previous articles, I have looked at using Micrium’s uC/OS RTOS on the Xilinx Zynq-7000. I only covered kernel and storage. This time, I will be exploring some connectivity options in combination with the Digilent Zybo. Namely, using Micrium’s

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