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Reliable Storage at The Edge
Fail-safe embedded flash file system
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Complete Platform Support Solution
Cross platform SDK for MCU and SoC
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Embedded Software Products and Services

JBLopen specializes in embedded RTOS and bare-metal applications requiring high-end processors and SoCs as well as deeply embedded MCUs with aggressive resource and power constraints. Our research and development team provides the embedded market with cutting-edge software products. Meanwhile our consulting team can help you get your next project to market faster with improved features and performance using the latest embedded technologies.

Embedded File System

TREEspan File System™ is a low footprint transactional file system for deeply embedded RTOS and bare-metal applications.

Cross-Platform SDK

The BASEplatform™ is a portable platform support solution offering a complete set of drivers, BSP and RTOS integration for any MCU.

Consulting Services

Embedded software development services, RTOS drivers & BSP, porting and integration. Firmware migration and custom SDK.

Taming the Flash Beast

This article is the first of an introduction series about flash memory. A high-level introduction shall we say. Not the kind that takes you straight to the electron and drags you through the depths of quantum physics. No. The purpose

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Firmware Upgrade Design Using TSFS Snapshots

This article is the first part of a twofold series on one of the most unique TSFS feature: snapshotting. In this first article, we show how snapshots can ease application development, providing the application designer with an elegant way of

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Introducing TREEspan File System

Last week was one of pride and excitement for the JBLopen’s development team as we released our latest product, the TREEspan File System (TSFS). After the official announcement and presentation, we feel the need to introduce the newcomer in a

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