JBLopen’s TREEspan File System Brings High Reliability Storage to Embedded Systems

JBLopen brings high reliability very low footprint embedded storage to edge and deeply embedded applications with the introduction of the TREEspan transactional file system.

The JBLopen team is happy to introduce to the world TREEspan File System™, our latest embedded software product. TSFS is a low footprint transactional file system offering application developers with a fail-safe, high performance embedded storage solution. To reduce complexity and resource usage, TSFS features native flash memory support without the need for a separate Flash Translation Layer (FTL). Managed flash technologies such as SD/MMC and eMMC as well as other non-volatile memory types such as MRAM and FRAM are also supported. TSFS can be used across a very broad range of platforms from very low power 32-bit MCUs to powerful multi-core SoCs and can be integrated to many free and commercial RTOSes as well as bare-metal systems.

TSFS offers an intuitive and robust POSIX-like C API such as the usual file and directory operations with virtually unlimited file and media size support. In addition, some advanced features like snapshots and concurrent read/write accesses management can be used by high-end edge applications. Under the hood, TSFS also offers everything expected from a high performance file system, including low worst-case latency, high-speed sustained random write capabilities as well as static and dynamic wear levelling when running on bare flash.

Want to know more, visit jblopen.com/tsfs/.