Introducing BASEplatform

We are proud to announce that we are jumping in the embedded software component market with the introduction of BASEplatform™. Tackling the fundamentals, BASEplatform is a collection of low-level interface modules, drivers, and board support packages. Designed from the ground up to provide the foundation of a successful embedded software design. Whether for a bare-metal project or with your choice of free or commercial RTOS, BASEplatform can help smoothly integrate multiple components from various sources.

Diagram of possible BASEplatform modules that comprise a complete application framework.
Example of BASEplatform Modules

In other words, the BASEplatform includes all the peripheral drivers required for a project, integrated with your choice of RTOS, toolchain and MCU/MPU. All this at a fraction of the cost of developing custom drivers.


With the ever-growing complexity of embedded hardware and software. It has become difficult to find single source solutions that answers all of an application’s needs. By using the BASEplatform it is possible to get all the fundamental drivers and BSP in a convenient package integrated with your choice of RTOS, toolchain, communication stacks and storage solution.

The Case for Platform Support

Good platform support from day one is paramount to a successful product development. Even a simple I2C driver can be easily overlooked due to its apparent simplicity. However, it can be very costly to write your own or debug a subpar implementation. And later on, when the application is starting to take shape and more pressure is placed on the low-level drivers, corner case bugs and cryptic race conditions have a tendency to become apparent.

The BASEplatform is designed to help reduce the risk of starting a new project using an RTOS or bare-metal application by providing the necessary peripheral drivers and RTOS integration in one package. Furthermore, the selection of modules can be modified to suit a specific application. In additional to low level peripherals and communication interfaces, it can include support for external board components such as Wi-Fi, sensors, security modules, cameras and more.

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