BASEplatform is Now Available For The GR712RC High-Reliability SoC

JBLopen’s platform support solution, BASEplatform™ is now available for the Cobham Gaisler GR712RC.

BASEplatform, an embedded software component designed to provide application developers with all the necessary software modules, BSP, drivers and RTOS integration needed to jump-start their embedded software project, now supports the Cobham Gaisler GR712RC dual-core LEON3FT SPARCv8 SoC. The addition of the GR712RC to the BASEplatform enables JBLopen’s customers to develop and prototype on a high-reliability Rad-Hard platform using a portable API. JBLopen’s BASEplatform brings support for a variety of free and commercial RTOSes such as Express Logic’s THREADX and THREADX SMP and Micrium’s uC/OS-II and uC/OS-III. In addition to RTOS drivers and integration, BASEplatform can include support for external board components such as storage, sensors and more.

Based on the LEON3FT fault tolerant processor, the GR712RC is a dual-core SPARCv8 SoC designed for high reliability radiation-hardened aerospace applications. Combining Cobham Gaisler’s radiation-hard-by-design with Ramon Chips’ RadSafe™ technology to deliver superior reliability and excellent performances.

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