Located in Montreal, Canada, JBLopen is dedicated to providing quality products and expertise in the field of embedded software. Since 2016 we’ve been helping customers realize their ideas using the latest embedded technologies.

Embedded File System

TREEspan File System™ is a low footprint transactional file system for deeply embedded RTOS and bare-metal applications.

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Cross-Platform SDK

The BASEplatform™ is a portable platform support solution offering a complete set of drivers, BSP and RTOS integration for any MCU.


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Consulting Services

Embedded software development services, RTOS drivers & BSP, porting and integration.  Firmware migration and custom SDK development.


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Improving Interrupt Latency on the Cortex-A9

Improving Interrupt Latency on the Cortex-A9

Continuing from the last post, this article explores features specific to early members of the ARM Cortex-A family such as ... Read more
ARM Cortex-A Interrupt Latency

ARM Cortex-A Interrupt Latency

In this article, I'll explore interrupt latency of a Cortex-A9 under various scenarios — and yes, it's still on the ... Read more
Zynq SDIO clock configuration

Embedded Storage on the snickerdoodle

This is a continuation of the snickerdoodle adventure, following last week’s successful “hello world” , using Micrium’s µC/OS RTOS. In this ... Read more
snickerdoodle says Hello World!

snickerdoodle says Hello World!

What would make a better first post about embedded software than a hello world project on a brand-new development board ... Read more