µC/OS Support Added to the BASEplatform

JBLopen’s platform support solution, BASEplatform™ now supports the µC/OS™ RTOS and stacks.

Micriµm’s µC/OS, part of the Silicon Laboratories Inc.’s software portfolio is a high performance, resource-efficient RTOS with a full suite of communication and storage components. The µC/OS RTOS has consistently held top ranks as one of the most popular RTOS in the industry making it a natural choice for the first commercial RTOS supported by JBLopen’s embedded software components.

BASEplatform, a complete platform support solution, can now be used out of the box with Micriµm’s software. This includes the famous µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III real time kernels as well as their accompanying networking, USB connectivity and flash storage components. BASEplatform can integrate all the features of µC/OS with the developer’s selection of platform and toolchain, as well as external board components.

Read more about the BASEplatform: www.jblopen.com/baseplatform/

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