Express Logic’s THREADX RTOS Now Supported by the BASEplatform

JBLopen’s customers can now access the full X-WARE™ portfolio, including the THREADX™ RTOS single core and SMP variants.

We are happy announce that our embedded platform support product, BASEplatform™, has been ported to the THREADX real time operating system. This brings within reach the combination of Express Logic’s X-WARE communication, storage and user interface solutions with JBLopen’s BASEplatform complete embedded platform support solutions. With the BASEplatform, application developers can get high-quality platform support featuring a superior integration between the RTOS and drivers. In the case of the THREADX RTOS this means high performance, low latency and thread-safe peripheral drivers that are SMP compatible. BASEplatform also provides the necessary API for the SoC configuration, including interrupts, clocks and reset, power management and more.

THREADX is Express Logic’s industrial grade real time operating system supporting a wide variety of platforms along with multi-core support. Specifically suited for deeply embedded applications requiring the highest level of performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice to deploy BASEplatform based applications.

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