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Custom SDK Development

Custom SDK

For MCU, SoC and hardware module manufacturers, we can design, write and support a custom SDK for a single platform or a range of platforms. These custom SDKs are written entirely from scratch and can support more than one RTOS and even a bare-metal environment across multiple toolchains. We can also integrate third-party libraries and tools as needed.

Why a Custom SDK

In this age of highly integrated SoC and modules, software has become a differentiating factor when it comes to selecting a platform. An SDK can make or break the success of an entire semiconductor portfolio. When thinking about software support for your platforms, it’s important to think about supporting existing components as well as offering a solid foundation on which customers can build their product. A professionally designed and built portable SDK can help fill those goals.

What We Can Offer

Our extensive experience in embedded software development, porting and integration across countless platforms, RTOS and toolchains is unique. JBLopen can help you create a better, well integrated and more portable SDK for your product.

Advantages of Our Services

Advantages of using our services for your next product’s SDK:

  • Support for multiple RTOS and toolchains
  • Thread-safe and re-entrant API with bare-metal, single core and SMP configurations
  • No restriction on the selected licence
  • Full copyright and ownership assignment
  • Your choice of coding standard
  • Test suite delivered along with the SDK
  • Full documentation
  • Ongoing maintenance and development

What You Get

We can accommodate multiple depth of involvement with the continuous development of your SDK. This involvement can start with the delivery of a demonstration or proof of concept all the way to continuous maintenance and support of a completed SDK.

Like our products and consulting services, each release of your SDK would contain the following and more:

  • Source Code
  • Documentation
  • Test report
  • Test Suite
  • Maintenance and support

Do You Want a Demo?

We can use our existing BASEplatform cross-platform SDK as a demonstration of our capabilities and as the basis of a proof-of-concept on the way to the design and development of a fully custom SDK. Feel free to browse our documentation section as well for examples of user manuals, reference manuals and guides.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your next project.