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Microsoft Azure RTOS
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Whether you are a semiconductor manufacturer, software provider or an application developer we can help with all your development needs around Microsoft Azure RTOS. Be it for driver and BSP development, porting and integration of existing code to Azure RTOS or general development centred around Azure RTOS. We have a considerable experience with Azure RTOS and its predecessor Express Logic ThreadX.

Complete Platform Support

Regardless of your chosen MCU or SoC we can deliver a complete set of port, drivers and BSP for Azure RTOS. All of this on your choice of toolchain and IDE along with a development and demonstration project to get you started on your next design quickly.

Driver and Board Support Package

Whether it’s for a single driver or to support a complete platform from scratch, we provide quality drivers and BSP tailored to an application’s specific requirements. Drivers are delivered with full source code, documentation, test report and one year of support.

Software Integration & SDK Development

With our considerable experience in the matter, we can help with the integration of external components within Azure RTOS. This can range from porting a single third party library for a specific project to integrating Azure RTOS within an existing SDK in order to support an entire product portfolio. We also offer complete SDK development services if you want an Azure RTOS compatible SDK for your product.

Migration and Upgrade

Do you have an existing application that you would like to port to Azure RTOS? Or an existing application based on ThreadX that you want to migrate to a new hardware platform? JBLopen can help with all aspects of firmware migration from bring-up of the new platform, driver and BSP development, as well as porting of the firmware itself.

Everything Needed for Your Next Azure RTOS Project

Whether it’s for a single driver or to support a complete platform from scratch, we provide quality drivers and BSP tailored to an application’s specific requirements. Software can be written from the ground up or adapted from our existing drivers from our BASEplatform SDK. Board support can include manufacturer reference design, standard SoM and SBCs or your custom board at any stage of the hardware development. We will also happily help with the software challenges of early board bring up.

Every driver or BSP is delivered with the following:

  • Full source code
  • Demonstration and development project
  • Documentation
  • Test report
  • Hardware errata summary report
  • One year of support

We can support every component of Azure RTOS:

  • ThreadX
  • ThreadX SMP
  • FileX and LevelX
  • NetX & NetX Duo
  • USBX Host and Device
  • GUIX

Complete Platform Support

We won’t stop at the boundary of Azure RTOS. We can develop every drivers needed for your application as well as port and integrate any third party library or SDK.

Drivers & BSP

Examples of drivers we can develop:

  • Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB Device/Host…
  • Low-speed I/Os: UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, CAN…
  • Storage: NOR, NAND QSPI, SD/eMMC, SATA…
  • External Peripherals: Ethernet and USB PHYs, Camera, PCI Express, Sensors and more…

Open Source and Commercial Component Integration

Embedded designs often require integration of multiple software libraries to supplement the core RTOS features. Integrating and testing all of those third-party components can be a daunting task. With our vast experience with multiple open-source and commercial embedded software components, we can help build the basis of your next application.

Third-party components can vary wildly but here are some ideas of components we can integrate:

  • Storage: Embedded Databases & File Systems
  • Security: Signing and Encryption Libraries
  • Acceleration: Image and Video processing, Crypto engines, FPGA Accelerators
  • Communication: Protocol Stacks
  • Tools: Debugging and Tracing

Manufacturer SDK

Is your selected SoC already supplied with an SDK from its manufacturer? Would you prefer to use some of the SDK supplied drivers and libraries? We can integrate Azure RTOS within an existing SDK easily to give you the best of all worlds. For manufacturers and software providers, we can also add Azure RTOS support to your existing software and SDK.

General Development, Proof of Concepts and Demonstrations

We can also provide general development services around Azure RTOS. Including troubleshooting and optimization of existing applications, general support for a development team or application development.

If you have an idea but aren’t ready to start development, we can also help with proof of concepts, mock applications and demonstration projects using Azure RTOS. With our extensive experience in platform support and RTOS development, we can develop a proof of concept application with ease. Afterward we can gladly offer our services if you want to move forward with development.

Existing Express Logic ThreadX User?

JBLopen has a considerable experience with supporting customers using Express Logic ThreadX. Meanwhile our products and services offering hasn’t been affected by the transition to Azure RTOS. Whether you have an existing application or are starting a new project we can help your team transition to Azure RTOS or to support your existing codebase. This includes safety-critical applications on any kind of SoC or MCU regardless of the manufacturer.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your next project.